Timbercrete Incorporated
Specifications & Installation

Whether you’re developing a subdivision or just adding some privacy fencing behind your suburban home, there are an astonishing number of variables to consider. There are essentially no limits to what you can do with Timbercrete products, and its flexibility allows you to have a unique installation like no other.

Terrain, soil, design considerations and each project’s unique construction challenges will differ, often quite drastically. In addition, homeowners, contractors and architects all have different needs and concerns. All of these considerations ­– aesthetic, structural, economic – go into the development of a customized Timbercrete solution.

Because of the variables, and because you can do so many different and creative things with Timbercrete, we do not offer “cookie cutter” solutions. Every installation is a custom installation, every job is our most important job and every finished project is a source of pride ­– for us, as well as the property owner.

To get a proper and accurate estimate for your Timbercrete project, simply contact us directly. We will give you the utmost in personal attention and professional service as we strive to answer your every question and meet your every need.

The Beauty of Wood. The Durability of Concrete.

...Traffic noise when in the backyard is noticeably "muffled".
Sandra H., Laguna Hills, CA