Timbercrete Incorporated
Privacy Fencing

Timbercrete concrete fencing is where the beauty of wood meets the durability of concrete. But it has practical as well as aesthetic value, and is particularly well-suited for use as privacy fencing.

The products’ strengths – low maintenance costs, engineered to conform to I.B.C. standards, L.A. city-approved*, no mortar required, steel and fiber reinforced – are well established, and by themselves offer compelling reasons to consider Timbercrete. But when privacy becomes a concern, Timbercrete comes in standard 6-foot high by 6-foot long sections, with woodgrain texture on both sides, but can also be installed at any height from a mere 6 inches to a full 14 feet. Whatever size you need, and however you need it installed, Timbercrete products offer impressive versatility. Better yet, measured against the alternatives, Timbercrete is a quick, economical and long-lasting answer.

Less expensive than block and brick, Timbercrete panels and posts are made of steel and fiber-reinforced concrete that feature an invisible tongue and groove interlock to ensure privacy. And you will never have to worry about painting worn or damaged fenceboards, or replacing split, warped or missing ones. Even panels damaged by collision can be replaced without the use of skilled labor.

*updated recertification pending final approval

The Beauty of Wood. The Durability of Concrete.

...Traffic noise when in the backyard is noticeably "muffled".
Sandra H., Laguna Hills, CA