Timbercrete Incorporated
Architectural Specifications

Timbercrete Fencing Systems products and design criteria are for fencing structures up to 14' tall and all soil conditions.

Specifications and Notes:

  1. All manufacturing processes to conform to local building codes.
  2. All footing concrete shall attain a minimum compressive strength of 2000 PSI at 28 days using Type 1 or Type 2 cement.
  3. All reinforcing steel shall conform to ASTM A-615 Grade 60.
  4. All foundations to be in undisturbed soil or 90% compacted fill.
  5. Wind load spec for 85 MPH wind per 2006 IBC & 2007 CBC & ASCE/SEI 7-05.
  6. Contractor shall be responsible to verify site conditions.
  7. Engineer approval required when fence materials are used under conditions that differ from the specs.
  8. Panels and posts are manufactured from concrete that attains a minimum comp. strength of 2000 PSI at 28 days certified by the manufacturer.
  9. Maximum post spacing limited to 6'-3" O.C. Design requirements for fence post footings for Timbercrete Fence Systems based on 2006 IBC & ASCE/SEI 7-05 requirements. Wind velocity pressure = 10PSF for 85 MPH wind force, Section 6.5.10 and Formula (6-15) & Section 1805.7.21.

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