Timbercrete Incorporated

American homeowners are a proud and diverse bunch, with a wide range of tastes and preferences as far as their houses are concerned. There are a few fundamental things, however, that most homeowners share – pride of ownership, for one, and the desire to be good stewards who take care of their property.

Part of good stewardship, of course, is maintaining that property. Timbercrete products have freed homeowners from the burden of replacing fences every few years, as the walls and fencing improve the property now and require minimal upkeep in the future. When calculating the cost of wood, paint, repair time and replacement effort that goes into maintaining standard fences, it becomes clear rather quickly that Timbercrete has the advantage, both structurally and economically.

Some states, like California, experience wildfires on a regular basis, but homeowners everywhere have to address the risk of fire damage. Being absolutely fireproof, Timbercrete products provide a substantial first line of defense against spreading fires. Peace of mind, therefore, is a valuable fringe benefit of a Timbercrete installation.

The Beauty of Wood. The Durability of Concrete.

...Traffic noise when in the backyard is noticeably "muffled".
Sandra H., Laguna Hills, CA