Timbercrete Incorporated
Ranch Rail Fencing

Ranch Rail concrete fencing – with the beauty of wood and the durability of concrete – is the solution for people who want all the benefits of Timbercrete technology with a traditional look and functional form.

Ranch Rail fencing is...

  • ultra-low maintenance
  • installed without mortar
  • steel- and fiber-reinforced
  • 1-, 2- and 3-rail systems standard
  • custom designs available

Because of their precision construction and durable components, these rails and posts will not warp, rot or splinter, saving you time, money and materials in both maintenance and replacement.

Ranch Rail fencing is available in tan or natural colors, or we can custom manufacture a color of your choice. Anyone who has ever had to repair or repaint an extensive rail fence system can truly appreciate Timbercrete products with their colors embedded right in the raw material. Your investment pays off immediately in beauty, security, privacy, form and function, and continues to reward you over the long life of the installation with a dramatically reduced cost of ownership.

The Beauty of Wood. The Durability of Concrete.

...Traffic noise when in the backyard is noticeably "muffled".
Sandra H., Laguna Hills, CA